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Everyone enrolled in a workshop, course, or certification in “PMU online training” must know our online courses’ rules and regulations. Knowing the rules allows us to keep track of our students’ progress effectively and prevent any confusion or disagreement.

Based on our experience, compliance with the following rules is necessary to create a productive and conducive learning environment.

1. The student must have a “smartphone” with WhatsApp to communicate with their coach. A “personal computer” or “laptop” is also required to review video lessons and readings incompatible with some phones.

2. We have a NO refund policy.

3. Your email, city, and country of residence are required for registration.

4. You will have access to the platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for the sporadic periodical maintenance, which lasts a short time.

5. Once the payment has been processed and access to the online course has been activated, there will be no changes.

6. After you have purchased an “introductory workshop,” you have the option to upgrade and take a “certification course,” paying the difference within six months, as long as both the workshop and certification teach the same technique. After six months, full payment is required.

7. You may transfer the course(s) to another person for only one time and when, due to extraordinary events, it becomes impossible for you to take the course. Changes will be accepted within the first 48 hours after your payment was processed. The person initially registered will be disenrolled, and the Academy will transfer certification(s) and workshop(s) to the new student in 24 hours or less.

8. This course does NOT include material. The student has an absolute responsibility to get everything needed for the exercises.

9. In certification courses, the student is responsible for finding models to carry out their practices as needed.

10. Once payment has been processed; the student will have one month to get all the material required for exercises. Follow-up time begins once the student has notified the Academy they have all material, or exactly one month after the payment date (in case of no notification).

11. The course expires on the exact indicated date, which corresponds to the months included in the purchase. After the expiration date, if the student requires more guidance, extra follow-up time can be purchased for an additional cost per month.

12. Extra follow-up time is always due for payment. The coach will not grant any free follow-up time for any reason, including illness, work leave, death of relatives, natural disaster, etc.

13. The Academy is committed to expeditious communication, responding to all students within and NO later than 48 hours with no exception. Any delay due to an extraordinary situation must be communicated ASAP to the Academy. Students who lost follow-up time, for this reason, will be granted additional days. Please send screenshots as evidence to ask for more time.

14. The student must work through the levels one by one without skipping any of them. Students should NOT send exercises for revision randomly or in any other order than the indicated course program.

15. The student must send one single image for each exercise corresponding to the specific level they are working at. Students should not submit activities from any level different from the one being evaluated.

16. WhatsApp communication is exclusively reserved for submitting and evaluating exercises. Please send one single message for each activity and keep communication short and concise to facilitate your coach’s response. DO NOT send voice messages. Should you be asked for clarifications, please keep your answers brief and straightforward. Coach answers will also be concise but, if necessary, your coach will send audio messages.

17. Phone or video calls are not allowed.

18. The student must submit exercises of their own. The student will be expelled if they present work from somebody else as their own.

19. Every time a student does not comply with these terms and conditions, they will be entitled to a warning. Suppose they accumulate three warnings during the follow-up time with their coach. In that case, they will be dropped from the course and follow-up immediately and definitively, losing the right to continue and complete the course of the technique that you are working on.