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#1. Do you offer live courses?

Currently, the academy focuses on virtual education. Still, occasionally, Master trainer Janet Janine offers live courses in different countries. However, that is not our academy’s focus. We will notify on out social media if any dates are open.

#2. After paying for my course, when would it start and how long would it last?

The follow-up time included in your course will be:

Certification – 3 months

Advanced Workshop – 2 months

Beginner workshop – 1 month

The time starts counting exactly one month after the payment date or earlier if the student indicates that she/he already has all the necessary material.

#3. What course should I take first?

It depends on many factors. If the student has previous experience in a PMU technique, it would be better to take a different course and develop a new technique. However, if the student feels insecure about any technique you are already working on, taking a course with us on that same technique will help improve and clarify your doubts.

On the other hand, the best-selling and most popular courses among beginners are Basic Microblading and Powder Brows courses.

#4. After finishing my course, will I be able to work on the technique with clients?

YES, if you have successfully completed a Certification Course. This is not the case with the introductory workshops

#5. ¿What will my follow-up be like?

Master Janet Janine will evaluate your work and give you online support and response to your messages in a 72-hour period maximum, from Monday to Saturday. You will send your work right here on the website once you log into your account. She will evaluate your work, suggest corrections, and give you the advice to correct mistakes.

You will not be able to advance to another level until you have submitted the necessary corrections and are granted permission to move ahead.

#6. What happens if my follow-up time runs out and I haven’t finished the course?

The follow-up (online support) time included in your course is generally enough to finish it if you are sending work daily. In case it is not enough time, you can pay for additional months.

We recommend being disciplined and submitting your daily assignments, following your coach’s advice to prevent falling behind schedule.

#7. Will I get a diploma or certificate at the end of my course?

Once Master Janet Janine indicates that you have already passed all excellence levels, she will inform you have completed your course. Then, you will receive your diploma in your email. If you don’t complete all levels included in the course, you will NOT receive a diploma or certificate.

#8. What kind of materials do I need, and where do I get them?

The list of the necessary material for each course is included in each course’s general information. You can find the list of materials in the “purchase courses” section.

Once you start your online course, you will find additional detailed information about them.

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You can start by taking beginner workshops if you are still unsure about taking a full certification course.