Our courses

We have courses and workshops designed for people with or without previous experience who wish to learn or perfect different PMU techniques.

What our students think?

Janet is not only a super talented PMU artist herself, but also a very passionate trainer. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, and really challenges you to achieve your best potential. She is not shy to point out the tiniest mistakes you might make along the learning process. If there’s any room for improvement she really helps you see, and guide you till you get it right. I’ve learned so much from her and am looking forward to learning more with her! She’s truly my inspiration!

Yuu, Qatar

I highly recommend doing an online course with Master Janet Janine. You learn at your own pace and if you don’t understand you can ask as many questions as you like. You can also watch lessons over and over again. It’s better than being in a class because you don’t have to try to remember everything. I love her teaching style and completely admire her. I think that she is an amazing giving person. She gives all her knowledge in her classes and is constantly upgrading her courses. If you really want to learn and put in the effort you can do it. Thank you Janet for all that you have unknowingly done for me in my life.

Ana, Australia

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In our courses you will learn:

Dermatological care and contraindications.
Exercises for practice skin
Manual Shading work in latex
Hygiene and biosafety
How to design in a real model
Working on live model