About us

Since April 2020, “PMU Online Training” has focused on distance education, becoming the best option for our students to learn all this different technique without attending live courses. By now, we are present in more than 21 countries.

Janet Janine – Master

PMU Online Training

This academy allows our students to begin or perfect their training in different permanent makeup techniques at a highly professional level and with the most up-to-date information. Our students have daily support and guidance by their master without having to leave their country. International Master trainer Janet Janine is personally in charge of coaching you as a student, reviewing and correcting practices and exercises, and also by making sure student understand all the information in the course. Once your coach has confirmed that you have completed each of the levels included in the course, you will be awarded a certificate or diploma. This way, we guarantee that our student have not only finished the course but developed the required skills to become a professional PMU artist.

The academy has created the courses so that the student can solve all their doubts, from the most basic to the most complex topics.

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In our courses you will learn:

Dermatological care and contraindications. Exercises for practice skin Manual Shading work in latex Colorimetry Hygiene and biosafety How to design in a real model Working on live model